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Lagazi Cellar
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"Lagazi Cellar"  is located in the village of Zemo Alvani. In the family wine cellar, natural wines are produced. You will find many authentic items in the cellar area. Open and closed tasting spaces are decorated in vintage style, where you will deeply feel the Tushetian traditions. The guest can taste natural wine made in a large wine jar, get acquainted with Tushetian cuisine and attend masterpieces of Khinkali, Tushetian Khachapuri and other dishes, buy natural products, fruits, vegetables.

The family winery offers masterclasses on baking bread and Khachapuri in the bakery, wrapping the Tushetian Khinkali and preparing it in on fire in the middle of the room, tasting natural wines both in the cellar area and in closed and open tasting spaces.

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