Gurjaani Wine House

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Gurjaani Wine House

Gurjaani Wine House

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"Gurjaani Wine House" is located in the center of Gurjaani. In a single space you can find a traditional Kakhetian cellar with large wine jars, an ancient winepress building and items typical of Kakhetian way of life. The hosts will tell the guests about the history of Georgian winemaking in the old wine cellar, they will taste three types of wine. Here the guests have given opportunity to be familiarized with the process of making chacha.

Wine tasting is held with the participation of a professional sommelier. Moreover, guests have given the opportunity to watch how Kakhetian bread is baked in a bakery, how to prepare Churchkhela and how to roast Kakhetian barbecue on dry vine prunings, and finally, to taste hand-made dishes cooked by themselves.. All this will take place in a pleasant ethnographic environment enriched with old Georgian exhibits and other interesting items. In "Gurjaani Wine House", you can also order lunch or dinner in the presence of a folk group.

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"Gurjaani Wine House" is located in the center of Gurjaani. In a single space you can ...


Activities with host

Cellar Tour
Mtsvadi (Grilled Pork Skewers) Making
Preparing Churchkhela
Shoti Bread Baking
Wine Tasting

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