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Gotsa’s Marani
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"Gotsa’s Marani" is located in Kiketi, close to Tbilisi. A house hidden in oak groves, a cellar and a beautifully planted yard, wine and beer in a wine jar, wheat, cheese, vegetables from the private farm - all this you will find here. Organic wines are made in the traditional way in "Gotsa’s Marani". The main advantage of making wine in wine jars hidden in the cellar is the storage temperature, which is almost constant in winter and summer. White and red wine made in this way has a special color and aroma of almonds, walnuts and dried apples.

The guest has been given the opportunity to hear the history of Georgian winemaking, get acquainted with the details of winemaking and taste the organic wine, beer, cheese made in a wine jar, and Georgian cuisine. Here you will meet the best Georgian family atmosphere where you will learn the taste of Georgian cuisine, toast and song. You will become part of the family.

You will see the cellar, learn the nuances of the technology of the wine aged in this space and taste organic wines. Here, you will also be offered cheese, wine and beer tasting, and, against the background of magnificent views, Georgian table will be set in the presence of Georgian music. At your will, you can take part in master classes of Georgian cuisine.

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