Baia Abuladze’s Family Cellar

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Baia Abuladze’s Family Cellar
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Baia Abuladze’s Family Cellar is located in the village of Meore Obcha, Baghdati Municipality. Baia wine is made from Tsolikouri, Tsitska and Krakhuna crops grown in their own vineyards. Baia’s vineyards are cultivated in the best micro-zone of Imereti. In the cellar you will find up to 20 large wine jars, a winepress building, long-handled wine ladles, drinking horns, clay jugs, vials, a wine tasting corner and a record book.

The hosts share with the guests the history of wine making technology, offer wine tasting and Imeretian table in the cellar.

The cellar will offer tasting of Tsolikouri, Tsitska and Krakhuna wines; the host will also share the history and technology of making wine. You will taste Imeretian table for dinner and you will also enjoy overnight stayng service as well.

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