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Machanyan family winemaking traditions started in a small village named Aylur, situated near Van. The name of the village came from the river Alluria, which flowed around the village. The family-run winery loves to showcase its rich traditions through winemaking and create unique wines that genuinely reflect its skills and the rich terroir of the Armavir region. Alluria wines are made using Armenian varieties of “Haghtanak,” “Karmrahyut,” “Khndoghni,” and “Voskehat” grape varieties. The best quality grapes are handpicked and processed in the cellar to make their unique red, white, and fortified wines.

Alluria Winery’s winemaking philosophy is to create all-natural wines, with their family’s traditional methods, using the process of spontaneous fermentation without adding commercial yeasts.

The winery is located in Vagharshapat city, best known as the location of Etchmiadzin Cathedral and Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Among the nearby historical monuments is also the Zvartnots Cathedral. 

Inspired by the family winemaking traditions coming from several centuries, we created Alluria wines from Armenian indigenous grape varieties grown in our vineyards. Hot climate and sandy and clay soil of st. Echmiadzin of Ararat Valley result in a perfect harvest that, combined with the love and warmth of our hearts, ensures the high quality and unique taste of this wine.

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