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Alexander Distillery

Alexander Distillery

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Alexander Distillery is an innovative family cellar where Georgian whiskey is made in wine jars. Craft alcohol production cellar is located in the village of Alekseevka, Tetritskaro Municipality. The first Georgian whiskey "Alexander" has no analogue worldwide! The production of grain distillate unique methods of production in a wine jar have been patented in Georgia. The cellar, along with whiskey, combines the production of  uniquely created wines Sherbet, Assyrian, as well as of chacha and fruit vodka. The main line of "Alexander Distiller" is the synthesis of innovations and traditions. The innovative cellar, the host shares the history of whiskey or wine production with the guest. Then you will be invited to a tasting area in the lovely courtyard hidden in the trees, for a tasting of the whiskey and wine produced in the cellar. If you plan a long-term visit, you will be offered to stay overnight at a family hotel located next door. For guests, all Georgian traditional dishes are made with products grown by farmers in the village. You can visit the cellar in spring, summer and autumn.

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