Kakhetian Sunflower Oil

ABOUT Kakhetian Sunflower Oil

Seasonally, you will find yourself in the beautiful sunflower fields surrounding the hotels. You can enjoy the harvesting and also take part in the process of crushing Kakhetian oil. Kakhetian oil, which is made from Georgian sunflower variety is different from refined oil, it is more concentrated . There are different methods of sunflower manufacturing among them compression viscous method. Sunflowers heated to 80 degrees is squeezed by pressing method and placed in a stainless steel container for two weeks Kakhetian oil contains substances useful for human health, has a pleasant aroma and specific taste, which should be attributed to the high concentration of phenols. Through this substance, the product retains all the properties that sunflower seeds have. Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. Sunflower oil is the most common vegetable oil in Georgia, which is widely used in cooking for various dishes. Mainly used in salads and in the preparation of live products. Georgian restaurants start to offer Kakhetian oil with Kakhetian bread as an appetizer.