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Nazy's Guest House is located in the heart of the beautiful and wild Pankisi Valley in the mountainous region of north-eastern Georgia and can be easily reached by car or public transport from Tbilisi. Our aim is to provide guests with a high standard of customer service and hospitality for which Kists are highly respected for in Georgia. We pride ourselves on offering guests an authentic experience of living in a Kist family home and rural setting, and providing traditional home cooked meals made from organic produce from our farm, for which we receive excellent reviews. Our range of services enable our guests to have a comfortable, peaceful and enjoyable experience during their stay. Nazy’s Guest House is an oasis of peace and tranquility, internationally famed for its hospitality, quality food and excellent customer care. Pankisi Valley is fast becoming a popular travel destination in Georgia attracting visitors wanting to experience more than just the mainstream attractions. Nazy’s Guest House is a trailblazer in the development and promotion of sustainable ecotourism and Kist culture in Pankisi Valley, and an acclaimed national winner of the “Best Community Based Tourism Award” in 2018. It is popular with international guests for offering an authentic experience of Kist culture, and is featured in the Lonely Planet travel guide book and Emily Lush’s Wander-Lush travel website. Nazy’s Guest House is more than a small family-run business, it is regarded as the epic centre of local tourism and a gateway for tourists seeking to discover and experience a unique culture and landscape found nowhere else in Georgia. We combine international standards with authentic cultural experiences to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Our guests can expect the best from our team who are always willing to help.

To help you get the most out of your stay, we provide a range of services for exploring local Kist culture and environments. This includes: cultural tours with an English-speaking guide to visit local attractions; horse treks for beginners and experienced riders for day trips or multiday expedition to Tusheti in the remote High Caucasus; mountain bike hire; live concert of Sufi folk songs by a leading Kist women’s group; and cooking master classes by leading Kist chefs.

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