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Lukashin Consumer Cooperative
Vardges Davtyan founded Lukashin Consumer Cooperative in 2005 and has been the president of the cooperative ever since. During the eleven years of its existence the cooperative has implemented agricultural projects with the support of International Organizations and today it already has its own brand products which are competitive both in the local and foreign markets.
Orcolstudio, Arthouse and Hostel Nest
Orcolstudio, Arthouse and Hostel Nest are three different spaces located in the center of Zugdidi. The hotel, restaurant and workshop spaces allow visitors to work on clay, create and paint items, taste Megrelian cuisine and relax in a fully equipped hostel. The vintage-style restaurant space is furnished with pottery, a variety of books and pictures, where a master class is also provided. The main dishes in the restaurant menu are Elarji and Gebjalia. After tasting the Megrelian cuisine, "Hostel Nest" will wait for you, which is designed for 21 people. A map of Georgia pasted at the entrance of the hostel, with red markings on the Russian-occupied territories, tells the story of the occupation to all visitors, foreign or local tourists.
Tushpa Winery
I am Ani Manasserian and I am glad to welcome you to Tushpa Wine Cellar.  Join us to discover Armenian wine-making traditions and aging process. Tushpa is more than just a tasting room. It is a step back in time to celebrate time-honored traditions that will tempt your senses.  Come here to explore the peace and harmony that goes into every glass of our wine and each piece of our lavash. 
აგროტურიზმი "ეკო ფრუტსი"
Our Host Elkin is dedicating his passion to agro style of life into the Eco Fruits. He’s corporating with foreign companies, participating in international workshops in order to be aware of the latest trends in agro world.