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Aghavnatun Wine Guesthouse
I am Alex Nersisyan, and I sincerely look forward to hosting you and sharing the beauty of our village with you.  Our slogan is: Aghavnatun is the nest of your return. We say Your as it is a home for everyone.  We say Return as we are sure that once you come here, you will come back again and again and we are certainly waiting for you. We say Nest, as this is a place where after all the ups, downs, falls and wanderings you are still at home, in a warm place, like for a bird, it is a nest after crossing thousands of miles.
Agro Guesthouse Korena
The family guest house "Agrosakhli Korena" is located near the Gelati Monastery, in the village of Gelati. Visitors to the agro-tourist farm are hosted by grandmothers and a wooden hut with a history of 200 years. Ancient Georgian traditional items are collected in the house-museum. Every item has its historical weight. Having Dinner and staying overnight are also possible in this house. The hotel has 5 rooms and one sitting room. Folklore evenings and master classes of Georgian cuisine: making khachapuri and chadi by the ancient method in the fireplace on pan, beans in pots, pkhali and mushrooms in walnuts, chicken in new tkemali are held here. There is a family cellar In this space, where Imeretian wines - Tsolikauri, Tsitska and Otskhanuri Sapere are made.