Margvelidzes’ Family Cellar

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Margvelidzes’ Family Cellar

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"Margvelidzes’ Family Cellar '' is located in the village of Sadmeli, Ambrolauri district, Racha. The ancient Rachian cellar is located 3 minutes drive from Ambrolauri Airport, on an elevated slope, from where the beautiful Rioni gorge unfolds in front of you. Visitors to the cellar have been given the opportunity to view paintings that date back centuries. All the items placed directly in the cellar keep their own history - including wine jars, wine presses, photographs of different generations, and the painting "Paradise and Hell" by an unknown author. Two types of wine are made in the cellar - Khvanchkara and Rachuli Tetra. There is a family guest house on the territory of the cellar that is typical for the Rachian way of life, which provides all the necessary conditions for modern comfort.

The cellar offers guests tasting of Rachian wine, participation in a masterclass on Rachuli Lobiani in a bakery in the yard of the cellar and a family hotel, tasting of Shkmeruli, beans and various Rachian dishes, as well as holding festive parties on the Rachuli Tabla.

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Khvanchkara and Rachuli Tetra

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