Gigo Papa's Marani

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Gigo Papa's Marani

Gigo Papa's Marani

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"Gigo Papa’s Marani" was built in the 18th century and is located in Kvareli municipality. Centuries ago, victuallers and wine merchants from Tbilisi Avlabari region used to come to this place and bring the wine vinted here to the shops of the capital. The cellar, which houses 17 large wine-jars of different sizes, was restored several years ago. One of the proofs of the cellar's two-century history is the small, church-shaped figures carved on the wall.

In "Gigo Papa’s Cellar" two types of dry wine are vinted: Rkatsiteli. and Saperavi. The cellar has a natural repository made of cobblestones. In addition to wine tasting, tourists have been given the opportunity to be involved in a variety of masterclasses and also book an overnight stay in a small, 2-room cottage located in the cellar area.

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