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Folklore House
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"Folklore House" is located in Zugdidi. In the three-storey tower-style building, you will find plenty of old items: a century-old table and buffet, barrels, jugs, kettles, wine jars, irons, gobi and other items typical of the Megrelian way of life. The kitchen of the "Folklore House", which is created in the folk-classical style, is arranged on the first floor of the building to hold master classes. In the middle of the living room, a tree "is grown", and there is a cozy, relaxation bed  under the stairs.

Each guest is greeted by a host who is, at the same time, a person of many professions: folklorist and choirmaster, gourmet and decorator, embroidery master and iconographer, gardener and amateur architect, who has designed the "House of Folklore'' by himself and leads the food tour. Here you can cook Gebzhalia on ancient khaki and make sure that the Colchians had a kitchen in the Stone Age.

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