Ethno Village "Sisa Tura"

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Ethno Village "SisaTura"
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"Ethnographic village Sisa Tura" is located in Chkhoria administrative unit, three kilometers away from Abkhazia, on the road to Mestia. The ethno-history of Samegrelo is fitted in the space of three hectares here. Standing in the middle of the ethnographic space is the Megrelian jargvali in the older times. There are ancillary buildings in the same place - huts, a century-old mill and an artificial lake. While exploring the huts you will discover centuries-old items. Ancient angura - a large piece of earthenware vessel made of stone for baking mchadi is kept here. There is an old house built of wooden planks next to the hut, full of older traditional items. A part of this space is also a water mill that in old times was of great importance to the village. The mill, of course, has not lost its authenticity, and the corn is milled today as it was done two centuries ago. The mill still retains centuries-old inscriptions. Here you will be able to play the role of a local Megrelian host and grind the corn in a water mill yourself.

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