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Tenili Cheese

Tenili Cheese

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Tenili cheese has been being made in the small family farm of the Inasaridzes in the village of Andriatsminda in Akhaltsikhe Municipality for ten years. This pearl of Meskhetian cuisine differs from other locally produced cheeses in terms of production technology, as well as in taste, smell and concentration. It is a heat-treated cheese, which is reduced to the thickness of a thread during production. Then, it is put in boiling water, stretched and dried. After drying, they are taken out in cream and put in pots. The pots are closed on top and stacked on the ashes so that the remaining water is expelled and the water does not acidify the cheese. So, the inverted pot is retained for a few weeks. Cheese made with this technology is stored for more than a year.

The visitor can visit the cheese factory, take part in Tenili cheese master class, as well as bake shoti breads, khachapuri and baking filled pastry in the Meskhetian bakery together  with the hosts and learn how to wrap khinkali.

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Baking Masterclass
Khachapuri Making
Meskhetian Khinkali Masterclass
Tenili Cheese Masterclass

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