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Stepanyans’ Gastro Yard
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Stepanyans' Gastro yard is an authentically designed space where one can enjoy traditional Armenian hospitality, feel countryside spirit, and of course, taste unique Armenian wines and delicious food. The art of winemaking passed from generation to generation in Stepanyans’ family and Hayk Stepanyan decided to turn the hobby into a successful business model. The Gastro yard incorporates a wine production site, a tasting hall accommodating up to 30 people, a 2000morchard, a wooden gazebo accommodating 50-60 people and a spacious balcony with an amazing view of the ancient Noravank Monastery. 

    I am Hayk Stepanyan, and I am happy to welcome you to the cradle of Armenian winemaking, village Areni. The ancient winery found in the Areni cave dates back to 4000 BC. Since ancient times, Areni village has been famous for its winemaking traditions since time immemorial and we are keeping our heritage alive.

    Come and enjoy delicious homemade wines and discover the history and traditions of winemaking in Armenia.

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starting from 4 people
starting from 4 people

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29.02 ₾

I am Hayk Stepanyan, and I am happy to welcome you to the cradle of Armenian winemakin...


Activities with host

Compote Making

1000 AMD/Person

Dolma Making

2500 ADM/Person

Honey Harvest

1500 AMD/Person

Lavash Making

2500 AMD/Person

Wine Tasting

1000-2500 AMD