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Nekresi Estates

Nekresi Estates

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Nekresi Estates, located on 5 hectares in Kvareli Municipality, includes a cellar, a hotel and a restaurant. The facade of the hotel, built with different architecture, is decorated with old Georgian wooden ornaments and a pompous entrance. The hotel combines eight fully equipped rooms, designed in a vintage style and overlooking the Chenar Alley. The hotel building integrates a cellar with 33 pitchers of 40 tons capacity. The cellar produces four types of traditional pitcher white and red wine. Different spaces are created in the restaurant area, the details of which tell the story of different architectures of Georgia. All the dishes that you will taste in the restaurant space are made from organic products grown in the estates. Visitors to the Neskresi estates have the opportunity to learn about both winemaking and gastronomy and to stay and relax.

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