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Herbal Academy

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Herbal Academy is a unique experiences center where final consumers and farmers collect impressions and emotions from various activities, like the wild collection and processing,  exploration of herbs' use in culinary, plant care, and fishing deep in the lake. Accommodation and meals are offered by the facility as well.  The enterprise produces around 150 types of herbal teas from raw materials grown on its territory.

Guests can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the traditional Armenian farmhouse with amazing views. Among the nearby historical monuments and sights are Sevan lake, Norashen State sanctuary, Seagull State sanctuary, Sevanavank Monastery, Hayravank Monastery, Noratus historical cemetery.

Areg Galstyan continues the family business of herbal tea production, with a significant focus on the training of the younger generation. He is eager to share his knowledge with students and farmers from Armenia and abroad, exchange experiences, and introduce Armenian hospitality to the world.   

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