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Family Guesthouse Tsetse

Family Hotel Tsetse

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Family Hotel "Tsetse" is located in Tusheti, Kvemo Omalo, in an open space away from the village. The location of the hotel will be especially interesting for those who decide to stay alone in front of Tusheti beauty. The two-storey family hotel has fourteen rooms: northeast views of Omalo and Diklo mountains, northwest of Omalo and Kekhi mountains, southeast of Kumelaurta and Alazani valleys, and southwest of Kumelaurta, Abano pass and Chanchakhovani. Accommodation in the hotel is interesting for those who decide to observe animals and birds and also to taste the traditional Tushetian cuisine.

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Horseback Riding
Tushetian Food Tasting

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Tushetian Khinkali
Tushetian Khinkali