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If you leave the Sighnaghi mountains and follow the road to the village of Magharo, you will find yourself in the world of silk and participate in the process of silk production.

Lamara Bezhashvili, who lives in the village of Magharo, revived the worm-care she learned from her grandmother years ago and turned it into production. She reproduced 21 gifted silkworms and opened a silk workshop. Currently, the workshop produces 100-200 kilos of yarn and various products per year.

Products obtained from the silkworm are diverse. Here, you will find chrysalis oil, chrysalis water, thread, scarves and baby clothes. Guests have the opportunity to be involved in the process of making all the products themselves.

Silk thread is used to deal with various diseases. Therefore, you can plan your long term visit and stay overnight after the educational tour.

You will encounter pearl-hens, peacocks and different types of birds walking in the yard along with the silkworm, which move orderly at the host’s call. Exotic shock awaits you in this place - a worm, a bird and a human speak a common language.

When visiting "Silk Coil", you will be offered to taste wine produced in the old Georgian monastic manner. Also, you will participate in a gastro tour – where forgotten recipes are revived and ancient Georgian dishes are offered to guests.

You can purchase any products made here.

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Cheese, Bread, Seasonal Salad, Fruit, Walnut/Almond Snack, Wine

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Organic Medicine Production
Silk Conservation
Silk Production Masterclass