Babaneuri’s Cellar

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Babaneuri’s Cellar

ბაბანეურის მარანი

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"Babaneuri’s Cellar" is located in the community of Kvemo Alvani. The cellar, hotel, outdoor swimming pool, conference space in a single space offers guests a cozy atmosphere and distinct wine. Babaneuri Cellar, located at the foot of the main ridge of the Caucasus, will host you all year round. This distinctive architectural style hotel is designed for hosting 28 guests.

Traces of an ancient settlement and wine production have been found in the hotel and cellar area. This is confirmed as well by the artefacts found in the vineyard. The historical past leaves a visible mark on the land where the unique vine grows. Four varieties of vines are planted on 11 hectares: Kakhetian Mtsvane, Saperavi, Kisi, Rkatsiteli. As a view - Alaverdi, Magrani, Agrokhi. This place is suitable for guests of all ages and tastes. There are children's  amusement rides in the yard and, of course, Kakhetian table master classes are held. Apart from the relaxation, this space is the best place for festive events.

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