Apple Juice - Mtis Gemo

Apple juice – Mtis Gemo

Tbeti village is located in Tsalka reservoir, on the shore of the reservoir, 1530 meters above sea level and three kilometers from Tsalka municipality. If you decide to take a break while traveling in Tsalka municipality, you should attend the Mtis Gemo master class of natural apple juices in the village of Tbeti. To discover a new taste, we recommend you to get involved in the process of making and taste it. The host himself will guide you and take you through the entire production process from washing apples to canning. “Mtis Gemo" makes apple juice using a natural method. You will be able to taste sparkling champagne made from apple juice in a mystical environment.

Along with tasting the juice and sparkling champagne, the guest can also learn the production technology. The technology of making "Mtis Gemo" apple juice and sparkling champagne is three years old and supplies local restaurant chains. The products produced by “Mtis Gemo" are also very popular among tourists.