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Lasha's Ethno House is located a few kilometers away from Martvili, in the village of Najakhao, and it is centuries old. Dainty, well-maintained, cozy, green yard, classic Megrelian oda, jargvali and old-fashioned hut - all the details intrinsic to the ethno-space are gathered here to create a... 
"Ethnographic village Sisa Tura" is located in Chkhoria administrative unit, three kilometers away from Abkhazia, on the road to Mestia. The ethno-history of Samegrelo is fitted in the space of three hectares here. Standing in the middle of the ethnographic space is the Megrelian jargvali in... 
"Nazi’s Guest  House" is located in the village of Jokolo, in Pankisi gorge. The items in the interior of the house, the carpet, the pictures tell us about the Chechen traditions, and the rooms are completely modern. "Nazi’s Guest  House" has the resources to host 15 guests at once.... 
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